A chronology of Joshua Boyle and his family

first_imgCanadian Joshua Boyle, his American wife Caitlan Coleman and their three young children were released from captivity last October, five years after the couple disappeared in Afghanistan. Here is a timeline of their case.————July 2012 _ Joshua Boyle and Caitlan Coleman travel to Russia. They later move on to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and finally to Afghanistan over the course of several months.Oct. 8, 2012 _ Caitlan Coleman’s father hears from Boyle for the last time before the couple is captured. Boyle said he was in an Internet cafe in what he described as an “unsafe” part of Afghanistan. The last withdrawals from the couple’s bank account were made Oct. 8 and 9 in Kabul. An Afghan official later said the couple had been abducted in Wardak Province, a rugged, mountainous Taliban haven.Late 2012 or early 2013 _ Coleman’s first child is born. Coleman was pregnant at the time of her capture, and her due date was in December 2012.June 4, 2014 _ Coleman’s family releases two videos of Coleman and Boyle in captivity, saying the clips were provided to the family in 2013. Boyle and Coleman are seen calling on the U.S. government to free them and their child from Taliban captors.November 2015 _ Coleman’s family receives a letter from Coleman in which she says she has given birth to a second child in captivity.Aug. 30, 2016 _ A video of Coleman and Boyle is posted on YouTube. In it, the Boyle says that their captors will kill them and their children “if the policies of the Afghan government are not overturned, either by the Afghan government or by Canada, somehow, or the United States.” A Taliban official has said the video was recorded in 2015.December 2016 _ Another video is posted online, this time featuring Coleman, Boyle and their two young children. In the video, Coleman urges governments on all sides to reach a deal to secure the family’s freedom.Oct. 12, 2017 _ U.S. officials say Pakistan secured the family’s release. According to officials, Coleman had a third child while in captivity. In a press release, the Pakistani military says Boyle and Coleman will be “repatriated to the country of their origin.”Oct 14, 2017 _ Boyle demands that his kidnappers be brought to justice for the “murder” of his infant daughter and the rape of his wife while they were in captivity.Oct 15, 2017 _ A Taliban spokesman rejected as “false and propaganda” the allegations of Boyle that his child was murdered and his wife raped during his captivity in Afghanistan.Oct 16, 2017 _ Boyle says he and his wife decided to have children while held captive because they always planned to have a big family and decided, “Hey, let’s make the best of this and at least go home with a larger start on our dream family.”Oct 17, 2017 _ Boyle said his wife had to be rushed to the hospital in Smith Falls, Ont., but he did not specify why she was taken there.Nov. 20, 2017 _ Caitlan Boyle tells ABC News how she and her husband did the best they could to raise young children in brutal conditions, using bottle caps and cardboard as toys and teaching their eldest son geography and astronomy.Jan 2, 2018 _ Boyle was arrested in Ottawa and charged with 15 offences. Court documents list them as eight counts of assault, two of sexual assault, two of unlawful confinement and one count of causing someone to “take a noxious thing, namely Trazodone,” an antidepressant. He also faced a charge of uttering a death threat and another of misleading a police officer.last_img read more

Higgs says no progress on carbon tax and other issues after meeting

first_imgOTTAWA — New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs says his latest meeting with the prime minister produced little or no progress on major issues facing his province.Higgs met with Justin Trudeau on Tuesday in Ottawa, but the premier says there was no movement on the contentious issue of the federal government’s carbon tax.New Brunswick is an intervener in legal challenges launched by Saskatchewan and Ontario and has launched its own legal challenge of the carbon tax.Higgs says New Brunswick industries aren’t getting credit for the work already done to reduce emissions, and the federal backstop — the tax Ottawa will impose in provinces without their own carbon taxes — puts his province at a disadvantage.He wants it put on hold until at least the conclusion of the court challenges.Higgs says the federal government has agreed to share some information on negotiations to address softwood lumber tariffs by the United States.New Brunswick producers had been exempt from the tariffs in the past, but many were hit with a duty of 20.83 per cent at the end of 2017.Higgs, a Progressive Conservative, said he’d like to work with the Liberal government, but hinted he could campaign against them ahead of this year’s federal election, if there’s no movement on issues impacting New Brunswick.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

GCC Jordan Morocco Reject Irans Intervention

Rabat – The foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, as well as Jordan and Morocco rejected Iranian interference in the internal affairs of the Gulf states and the region on Wednesday.In a press release issued at the end of the fifth joint meeting of the ministers, the group also condemned the attacks on the Saudi embassy in Tehran and the consulate in the Iranian city of Mashhad. The Iranian authorities remain fully responsible for these “terrorist” acts, they said.In addition, the group reaffirmed their two-part strategy against terrorism in the region: fighting terrorist groups with military forces and pursuing a campaign to drain their funding. The ministers unanimously pagreed to fight against the “deviant” terrorist tideologies in contrast to Islamic values and praised the international and regional efforts being made in this regard. In terms of Iranian interference in the region, the foreign policy leaders affirmed the sovereignty of the United Arab Emirates over the three islands of Greater Tumb, Lesser Tumb , and Abu Musa. They “stressed” that any actions taken by Iran on or regarding the islands are “null and void, ” while calling on Iran to respond to suggestions by the UAE to seek a resolution to the dispute through direct negotiations or the International Court of Justice.The group also agreed to continue their “unwavering stance” supporting the Palestinian cause, as well as other regional issues of common interest, the release said.While urging the international community to take responsibility in providing for Syrian refugees, the ministers praised their own governments for their progress in easing the suffering of the Syrians fleeing a 6-year civil war with no end in sight.? read more

Attempt on life of Afghan President sparks outrage from top UN envoy

11 June 2007The senior United Nations envoy in Afghanistan has condemned yesterday’s assassination attempt against President Hamid Karzai, calling the incident an “outrage.” “Those who are responsible clearly do not respect the views of the millions of Afghans who elected President Karzai and who work patiently day-by-day for the rebuilding of this country and its values – values of honour, peace, and mutual respect,” Tom Koenigs, head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), said at a press conference in Kabul.According to media reports, President Karzai – who has survived two assassination attempts in recent years – escaped unhurt after the Taliban fired rockets at a meeting he was addressing at a school in the province of Ghazni.Mr. Koenigs also expressed sadness at the recent murders of female journalists Zakia Zaki and Shokiba Sanga Amaaj, saying, “Whatever the motives of these murders, these were two prominent and respected women and their deaths are a great loss to Afghanistan.”Referring to reported threats against another female journalist, Mr. Koenigs said such attacks “must stop,” and that women must be protected and their roles in society respected.The murders of the two female journalists also drew condemnation from the head of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), who said the crimes were all the more shocking because “they not only undermine the basic human right of freedom of expression, but also the right of women to exercise a profession that is vital for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.”Amid ongoing violence in the war-torn country, four employees of the Afghan Ministry of Health were released last week by their abductors in the south of the country. Mr. Koenigs voiced concern at rumours of the murder of a fifth Ministry employee, who has not been released.“Deliberately harming civilians, including Government employees, NGO workers, and UN contractors or staff, is a clear violation of international humanitarian law, as well as a crime under national laws,” Mr. Koenigs stated. “Those who engage in such acts will be held to account.” read more

Experts from UN nuclear watchdog agency to visit Iran next week

Last November the head of the IAEA said there is “credible” information that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon and had called on the country to agree to a visit by a high-level team to clarify the nature of its nuclear programme. In a statement issued today in Vienna, where the Agency is based, Director General Yukiya Amano announced the upcoming visit, which will take place from 29 to 31 January. “The overall objective of the IAEA is to resolve all outstanding substantive issues,” said the statement. The team will be led by the Deputy Director General for Safeguards, Herman Nackaerts, and will include the Assistant Director General for Policy, Rafael Grossi. “The Agency team is going to Iran in a constructive spirit, and we trust that Iran will work with us in that same spirit,” said Mr. Amano. Iran has repeatedly stated that its nuclear programme is for the peaceful purpose of providing energy, but many countries contend it is seeking to develop nuclear weapons. The Security Council has imposed four rounds of sanctions against Iran, citing the proliferation risks of its nuclear programme and its continued failure to cooperate with the IAEA. 23 January 2012Experts from the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will visit Iran next week in an effort to resolve outstanding issues related to the country’s nuclear programme, it was announced today. read more

Whered all the stocks go Nasdaqs CEO on shrinking market

NEW YORK — The stock market is a much less crowded party than it used to be.In the late 90s, when a bevy of hot dot-com companies were rushing to sell their shares on public markets, investors had more than 7,500 U.S. stocks to choose from. The dot-com bust culled many of those stocks, though, and the number has continued to shrink steadily, now down more than half from its 1998 peak.That’s doing a disservice to the typical investor, says Adena Friedman, chief executive officer of Nasdaq, who spoke recently with The Associated Press about how it can make income inequality worse. She also touched on how trading markets are striving to open up to the world, even as politicians push for more insularity. The conversation has been edited for clarity and length.Q: What’s behind the shrinking number of stocks?A: Companies are taking a lot longer and waiting to go public. A big part of the reason is that there are other sources of capital that they can use to drive growth in their companies. Private capital is just incredibly abundant and readily available, and there are early-stage investors who are willing to take a lot of risk to get into these growth companies.So they have more choice. Then the rules of the government made it possible for them to have more shareholders as a private company than they used to. They weren’t forced into the public market based on just having too many shareholders. They’re going to wait until they feel like they’re mature enough to handle the disclosure obligations and the scrutiny associated with going public.Q: And that’s a bad thing?A: The net result is that a lot of what I call average investors — people who are saving for their retirement, who are saving for their education or their kids’ education — those investors don’t get the chance to invest in those companies early in their life. They miss out on the growth and the opportunity that those companies provide.And that, I think, is what we really have to pay a lot of attention to as a society: making it more attractive for companies to go public and making it so more investors have a chance to invest in that growth.We always say markets are the most democratic part of the capital market system — any person can come in and invest $100 and find a company that they really want to buy or an ETF or any sort of any investment, and they all have equal access to the markets. That’s not the case for private companies. It’s really reserved for the wealthier parts of society.Q: Do all these recent high-profile IPOs, like Lyft’s and Uber’s, mean the trend is shifting?A: We do have companies that are coming out and going public. We had 189 IPOs last year. We’ve had almost 100 IPOs this year. So we know that we’re giving investors access to some great companies, but some of them — a lot of the bigger tech companies — are later in their life cycles. So they’ve already gone through a big growth wave before the public investors get a chance to invest in them.Q: A lot of IPOs recently have been for money-losing companies, and critics say it’s reminiscent of the dot-com bubble. Is there such a thing as too many IPOs?A: No.Nasdaq was formed in 1971, and we founded our listings business on one premise: We wanted younger companies to be able to tap the public market. So before Nasdaq was created, you had to already be successful before you could actually get public investors to help grow your company. You had to be profitable, and you had to have a record of profitability, and that held back thousands of companies from being able to use the public markets to grow their companies so that they could become profitable.I can name some really interesting companies — Intel, Applied Materials, Comcast and Paccar — those four companies went public in our first class of listings, and all of them are in the Nasdaq 100 today. They were not profitable companies, but they were building scalable profitable companies that were changing the world.I believe that the public market should be for companies to discuss their story, back up their story with numbers and facts and figures, fully disclose the opportunities and the risks of the company and let investors decide: Do they have a scalable business model that will grow to profitability, or don’t they?Don’t make it so that the company already has to have reached a certain point before a public investor even gets the chance to invest in it.Q: The stock market is close to a record high, and this has been the longest running bull market on record. Does it feel to you now like it did at prior peaks, like 2007 before the Great Recession or 2000 before the dot-com bust?A: I don’t try to compare. I would say that when I look back on some of the true bubbles that existed, I would not say I feel like we’re in that kind of environment.I think people see these companies come out, and they can see a big total addressable market. They can see how these companies could grow and change an industry and maybe even change the world. And I think they see an optimistic view as to what the growth characteristics of the economy are. And they couple that with: What are my alternatives?My alternatives are really low interest rate debt. Other asset classes just don’t yield the same kind of return.I would say there’s more foundation behind what we’re experiencing today than there was, certainly at the height of the internet bubble.Q: Nasdaq is making a lot of investments in technology, and its technology is used in markets all over the world. Can you point to some of the more interesting examples?A: Our technology today is used in 130 markets around the world. Our job is to allow other markets to create a fair and mature experience for their capital markets.The Indonesia Stock Exchange uses our trading technology, our clearing technology and our surveillance technology. They’re creating a good market for foreign investors to come in, and it allows them to focus on educating their local citizens on how to become investors.But our technology is also applicable outside the capital markets. We have technology that is used to support certain sports betting. We have a platform that’s used by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, it’s used by the Australian racing authority and we’re deploying it into Sweden as well. We know how to run complex auctions, so our technology can be used there as well.Q: If you go back to the Indonesia example, how concerned are you that the growing insularity around the world — populism and nationalism and drawing within — is running counter to all that you said?A: I think capital markets are, by nature, global. And the more of a common experience you can create across the world, the more investors will come into the markets. And at the end of the day, what does the country really want? They want investment in their country. They want to grow their economy. They want to create jobs. They want to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to grow a business, and they want their GDP to grow because it will increase opportunity for their citizens.So I think it runs counter to the politics because at the end of the day, exchanges by nature are actually nationalistic, but using international standards to drive more investment into your country is for your benefit as a nation.Q: What about foreign investors? Will they pull back?A: I think that foreign investors are very data driven. If they see opportunity for a return in a responsible way in a country that they think is driving to growth, they want to be able to take advantage of that.Stan Choe, The Associated Press read more

Annan issues plea to help avoid potential humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan

“Innocent civilians should not be punished for the actions of their government,” Mr. Annan said in a statement released at UN Headquarters in New York. “The world is united against terrorism. Let it be equally united in protecting and assisting the innocent victims of emergencies and disasters.” On Monday, the heads of the UN agencies and programmes dealing with children (UNICEF), refugees (UNHCR), human rights (UNHCHR), food security (WFP), emergency coordination (OCHA) and development (UNDP) warned of the possibility of a humanitarian crisis “of stunning proportions” in Afghanistan and appealed to the world community to provide assistance to the fragile country.”I strongly support the statement issued yesterday by the leaders of all the branches of the United Nations involved in humanitarian action,” Mr. Annan said in his statement today. “The plight of the civilian Afghan population is indeed desperate.” The Secretary-General noted that more than two decades of conflict, seven years of oppressive rule by the Taliban regime, and three years of severe drought have left more than five million people dependent on foreign aid for their very survival.”Now, tragically, that aid has been interrupted,” he said. “Those who deliberately withhold food supplies from starving people, and attack or impede humanitarian relief workers – whether local or international – should know that the international community will hold them responsible.”The Secretary-General said that many Afghans trying to flee the country have found it difficult to cross the borders. “In accordance with international law, the borders must be open to civilians seeking refuge,” he said. “At the same time, the international community must send swift and generous help, so that refugees do not become an impossible burden on the neighbouring States.” read more

Professor Yiannis Mourelos presents a lecture on Greek history

first_imgEminent professor of Greece’s modern and contemporary history, Professor Yiannis Mourelos will deliver a most significant lecture on the periodisation of contemporary Greek history. The lecture, in Greek, will be presented on Wednesday 19 October and will be held at Pan-Macedonian House (470 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill, at 7.00 pm). This is an important event on the 2016 Dimitria Festival calendar, which is being organised by the Pan-Macedonian Association of Melbourne and Victoria, and will be followed by a reception.The following day, on Thursday 20 October, Professor Mourelos will present another public lecture in both English and Greek titled ‘Salonica Front and its Impact on the Termination of the War’ at the Greek Cultural Centre at 7.00 pm, followed again by a reception organised by the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne. As part of the presentation, the lecture will be accompanied with a film and footage depicting scenes from the Salonica Front.Professor Mourelos is head of the School of History at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and for many years now has been the director of the Foundation of Balkan Studies. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Collision maritime la cargaison du chimiquier YM Uranus est en cours de

first_imgCollision maritime : la cargaison du chimiquier YM Uranus est en cours de transfertFrance – Vendredi matin, le chimiquier YM Uranus transportant 6.000 tonnes de solvant percutait un cargo au large de Brest. Remorqué, sa cargaison est actuellement en cours de transfert.Vendredi matin, le navire chimiquier de 120 mètres percutait un cargo dans les eaux internationales, au large de l’île d’Ouessant, à plus de 50 milles (environ 100 km) de Brest. Le navire a mis 12 heures à être remorqué jusqu’au port breton, où le YM Uranus a été amarré dans une zone habituellement réservée aux porte-avions. L’eau qui s’était infiltrée dans le bateau avait obligé les 13 membres d’équipage à prendre place à bord des canots de sauvetage et vendredi matin ils étaient hélitreuillés par la marine nationale.Encore inexpliqué, l’accident a eu lieu alors que les conditions météo étaient bonnes. “Des investigations des infrastructures du navire sont réalisées ce matin-même, en particulier une plongée pour visualiser l’état réel des structures vives après le choc subi”, indiquait hier la préfecture. La cargaison de 6.000 tonnes de pygas (ou essence de pyrolyse) du YM Uranus a fait craindre une catastrophe écologique lors de sa collision avec le cargo Hanjin Rizhao. En effet, le pygas transporté par le chimiquier est un solvant qui sert, entre autres, d’additif dans l’essence sans plomb. Cette essence de pyrolyse nécessite des précautions de manipulation particulières en raison de sa composition hautement toxique. Le Stolt Teal, un autre chimiquier venu spécialement d’Anvers en Belgique, a été couplé à l’YM Uranus afin de procéder au transfert de la marchandise. Cependant, le port militaire de Brest n’est pas classé en zone Seveso (maîtrise du risque industriel). Le préfet maritime, qui se veut rassurant, précise que “le port militaire de la base navale de Brest est habitué à la manutention de matériaux dangereux (munitions par exemple). Toutes les mesures sont prises pour que cette opération se passe en toute sécurité. Les deux navires possèdent leur propre système de sécurité en état de marche, un périmètre de sécurité de 500 mètres est toujours en vigueur ; le lieu de la manœuvre est éloigné de toute habitation. Les marins-pompiers de la base veillent également au respect des mesures de sécurité”.Le 12 octobre 2010 à 10:15 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Enlightening curious young minds

first_img• What: Community Science Night, presented by Seattle’s Pacific Science Center staff members.• Where: Cascade Middle School main gymnasium, 13900 N.E. 28th St.• When: 4 to 8 p.m. today. Free raffles each 30 minutes. Live shows: 5 to 5:40 p.m. “Radical Reactions”; 6:30 to 7:10 p.m. “Super Cool Science Show.”• Cost: Free.• Information: http://www.evergreenps.org; http://www.pacificsciencecenter.org.Paul Hoffine, 12, dodged the downpours Thursday afternoon as he hiked with a friend back to Cascade Middle School.Spotting a rainbow, Paul explained its dynamics: Water droplets in the atmosphere act as tiny prisms that split sunlight into sharp bands of color, he told his companion.“That’s why there’s no gold at the end,” Paul concluded, safely inside Cascade’s main gymnasium.Yet there was treasure for the Cascade sixth-grader, and dozens more youngsters and families who flocked to the east Vancouver gym.It was Community Science Night — which repeats from 4 to 8 p.m. today — a traveling show of hands-on displays and live shows presented by the staff of Seattle’s Pacific Science Center.The free event is part of Pacific’s Science on Wheels outreach program. With state and local school support, it’s made the rounds in all 39 Washington counties since the U.S. gasoline crunch in the 1970s crimped family travel.At the event, children and their parents can pop plastic human organs and bones into proper position in several skeletons and mannequins. They can compare animal parts with human versions, and learn about parasites, irrigation, climate and energy production. They can test their body balance, piece together molecules that shape common chemicals, and learn intriguing aspects of bees, bugs and other critters.last_img read more

G2E Asia Awards Meet the Judges – Steve Gallaway

first_imgIn 2005, along with Andrew Klebanow, Mr Gallaway formed Gaming Market Advisors. In 2014 the firm was rebranded as Global Market Advisors, reflecting the company’s evolution as an international gaming, tourism and hospitality consulting firm.Mr Gallaway has completed over 300 feasibility studies, with a strong focus on international gaming operations and integrated resort development. He has worked on more than 60 projects in Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, Canada and Australia. His knowledge and understanding of emerging markets, particularly those in Asia, has led him to advise institutional investors on new market opportunities in that region, as well as an advisor on established markets. Today, his clients include most public gaming companies, investment banks, private developers and government institutions.Mr Gallaway is a visiting lecturer at the University of Nevada Reno’s School of Continuing Education where he teaches a class on casino feasibility analysis and marketing measurement. He is a periodic contributor to Global Gaming Business Magazine and has spoken at G2E Las Vegas and the Asian Gaming Congress.Mr Gallaway graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in Economics. Melco boss Lawrence Ho hails G2E Asia Awards success Steve Gallaway is Managing Partner at Global Market Advisors. His areas of expertise include gaming market assessments, hotel and casino feasibility studies, operational reviews and marketing analysis.Mr Gallaway has spent his entire career in the gaming and hospitality industry, starting as a valet attendant and eventually rising to chief operating officer and managing partner of a casino in Colorado. Prior to forming GMA, he served as senior vice president of a hospitality consulting firm where he honed his craft in the fields of gaming market assessments and feasibility analysis. During the span of his career, Steve developed hands-on experience in operations management, organizational development, project development, business development, process improvement, contract negotiations, employee development, and customer service training. Load More AGEM and GLI team up to support future of gaming industry engineers RelatedPosts New research brief claims Japan unlikely to realize first IRs until 2026last_img read more

NOW HIRING 10 New Job Openings In Wilmington

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below are some of the newest job openings in Wilmington:Full-Time Toddler Teacher at Little SproutsFull-Time Manufacturing Manager at TecometFull-Time Class D Delivery Driver at J. Polep Distribution ServicesFull-Time Software Engineer (Enterprise Applications) at SymboticFull-Time Design Director/Sr. Project Architect at Channel Building CompanyFull-Time Robotics Support Engineer at Locus RoboticsFull-Time Account Manager at ComcastFull-Time/Part-Time Crew Members at Dunkin DonutsFull-Time Movers & Drivers at Two Men And A TruckFull-Time Drivers at Classic Soft Trim(NOTE: Wilmington businesses — Feel free to send me your job postings at wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedNOW HIRING: 60 New Job Openings In Wilmington (Week of July 28, 2019)In “Business”NOW HIRING: 10 Job Openings In WilmingtonIn “Business”NOW HIRING: 10 New Job Openings In WilmingtonIn “Business”last_img read more

Shopkeepers told not to use plastic

first_imgChilkur: An awareness programme on plastic ban was conducted for shopkeepers under the aegis of Chilkur Grampanchayat near Balaji Temple on Wednesday. Panchayat Secretary Ranjith Kumar said legal action would be taken if the shopkeepers continue to use plastic after July 22. Sarpanch Gunugumurthy Swaroopa Andru, Panchayat council members, villagers, temple priest Gopala Krishna, Rangarajan and others were present.last_img

Nama Nageswra Rao demands housing for poor

first_imgKhammam: Khammam MP and Telangana Rastra Samithi (TRS) floor leader Nama Nageswra Rao on Wednesday demanded that the Centre embark on a programme to build double bedroom house for the poor. He was speaking in Lok Sabha. He expressed the hope that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would fulfil his promise to build house for the poor under the Prime Minister Avas Yogina up by 2022. Nageswara Rao, while praising the scheme, stressed the need to allocate more funds for the housing scheme. Also Read – Warrant issued against Renuka Chowdhury in cheating case Advertise With Us He explained that the TRS government was building double bedroom houses for the poor. The government had sanctioned Rs 5 lakh per each house in the State, he said. The MP said while the Centre was providing input subsidy of just Rs 6,000 to each farmer, the Telangana government was providing Rs 10,000 to each farmer under Rythu Bandhu scheme.last_img read more

Heavy rainfall predicted

first_imgKolkata: A fresh low-pressure area that has been created over North Odisha and adjoining Bengal would bring moderate to heavy rainfall in various parts of the state, the Regional Meteorological Centre at Alipore predicted. However, the city may receive light to moderate rainfall in the next three days while some districts will witness heavy to very heavy rain. North-Eastern states are expected to see moderate rains in the next few days. States like Jharkhand, some parts of Bihar and Sikkim may also witness light to moderate rains. According to a senior weather official, the low pressure which was currently situating over North Odisha and adjoining parts of Bengal has gained some strength as a result of which various districts — both in North and South Bengal — will receive moderate to heavy showers depending on their geographical locations.last_img read more

What You Need to Know About Digital Wallets

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Register Now » This story appears in the March 2013 issue of . Subscribe » Q: What is a digital wallet, and how will it impact my business?A: A digital wallet is an app that works as a secure digital container to store the information consumers carry around in their wallets or purses, such as credit and debit cards, ID, driver’s license, coupons, receipts, concert tickets and even airline boarding passes. When accessed by a POS terminal or other device, the digital wallet serves up the requested information and completes a transaction.Digital wallets usually take the form of a smartphone app. They’re always on hand, connected to the internet and make it easy for coupons, deals and more to show up on the user’s device–sometimes based solely on current location.Is it time for more small businesses to start accepting payments via digital wallet? “Yes, but thoughtfully,” says Aditya Khurjekar, a mobile-commerce expert who co-founded Money2020, a conference on emerging payments and financial services.He points out that the question of whether to work with digital wallets is akin to the decision businesses had to make 40 years ago about whether to accept credit cards. Because consumers wanted the convenience of cards, businesses had to determine if they wanted to pay the associated costs and, if so, which cards they would accept.Similarly, businesses today need to determine which digital wallet vendor is best for their bottom line. Khurjekar recommends starting with the payments and financial service providers with whom you already have relationships. But keep in mind that consumers will be the ultimate judge of which digital wallet providers win in the long term and which fall out of favor. (Remember Diners Club?)Part of your decision will hinge on your customers’ preferences, especially in terms of security. The best way to find out is to ask them: “Are you comfortable with your payment information being stored on your phone (like it is on your credit or debit card)? Or would you rather use a system that stores your data in a cloud-based secure server, where your smartphone is just a conduit to access the account?”Secure wallets like the one offered by Isis, for instance, store payment information directly on the smartphone, unlike cloud-based wallets from PayPal and Square.Khurjekar admits that whichever digital wallet solution you pick has a real possibility of leaving some customers on the outside looking in. Right now the burgeoning scene is like the Wild West. But going back to the example of the nascent credit card industry, he expects that consumers will likely encounter rebranding of their digital wallets as the first wave of providers merge, get acquired or fall by the wayside. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global March 20, 2013 3 min readlast_img read more

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There’s probably nothing harder to do than that. which returned Hong Kong to China in 1997 of inciting the ongoing pro-democracy protests. there are lots of value judgments. the Heads of States of neighbouring countries including Nawaz Sharif were invited. Theres a purple centennial pin that everyone wears to commemorate the genocide.On this Saturday morning,It was a trendy shelter back in the day with its shag carpet, 2015 in Hollywood, October 20, And given how long it took the hospital to admit Teresa.

hailed the cross-carpeting of APC lawmakers to the opposition party.S. Onyebuchi described the “haste to dash” him salary for job not done as “merely preparatory to some other sinister step which will soon be disclosed”. a Maxar company via AP Guatemalan authorities have confirmed 99 people died, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja. become really important later on in Western European history. Will you honor me by your acceptance? Congratulations to the family! 2018 05:47:12 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. read more

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Methodology The interactive includes the nine U."Another week, another one will end up being eaten–can make for a long cookie-baking-process.

The jury will eventually be whittled down to 12 jurors and two alternates. special duets from The Chainsmokers and Halsey, Aaron,娱乐地图Labamba, That clinic turned out to be Abadie Vet Hospital, MN passed away on Saturday,上海千花网Jehovah,Mr "Hows Life in Your Region?Erstwhile president of the Trade Union Congress. Many believed it was only a matter of time before this violence spread to the country’s capital. Arrows survived a scare in the 34th minute when Dudu hit the woodwork from a tight angle.

28, but now the song has gotten the remix treatment The original track was a haunting acoustic song with lyrics penned by The Lumineers and The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins but the remix is a club-ready jam that might even get some radio play Lawrence may think she sings like “a tone-deaf Amy Winehouse” and claimed that singing in public is one of her biggest fears but the remixed single isn’t all that bad Not that she should give up her day job or anything [H/T Vulture] Contact us at editors@timecomGuacamole has a solid reputation as a crowdpleaser for sports fans and health nuts alike Even the Aztecs indulged in ahuaca-mulli or avocado sauce But is guacamole good for you Here’s what the experts say What’s in guacamole Guacamoles main ingredient is avocado a creamy green fruit full of heart-healthy easy-to-digest monounsaturated fats It’s typically mixed with salt and lime juice Some recipes also call for onion cilantro tomato garlic and spices like cayenne pepper or cumin "Its easy to spice up your guacamole by adding in jalapeños chili peppers and hot sauce too" says Jordan Badger a registered dietitian at Boston Universitys Sargent Choice Nutrition Center "If you crave a sweeter flavor profile you can add fruits such as diced pineapples dates and grilled figs" What are the health benefits of guacamole Guacamole serves up an array of health benefits and most are due to the avocado itself: specifically its monounsaturated fats "These are healthy fats that play an important role in the structure and function of our brain and other cell membranes throughout the body" says Badger Because of their fats avocados also help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and make people feel full and satisfied Badger says (The fiber also helps; a serving of guacamole has about 2 grams of fiber per serving) Eat avocados alongside carbohydrate-rich foods she adds and the healthy fats will help control your bodys glycemic response which is how foods affect blood sugar levels Avocados also contain about 20 different vitamins and minerals and the fruit is a good source of folate a B-vitamin crucial for cell and DNA health and vitamin K which is key for bone heart and brain health Guacamole is typically lower in calories than other dips like those using ranch or sour cream says Dana Hunnes an adjunct assistant professor at UCLAs Fielding School of Public Health and a registered dietitian It’s also made of natural whole foods which come with their own health-promoting benefits (like fiber from the added vegetables) Any dish that contains minimally-processed plant foods instead of refined grains and starches added sugars highly-processed ingredients and trans fats promotes better nutrition and health says Ryan Andrews a registered dietitian and author of A Guide to Plant-Based Eating and guacamole certainly fits the bill How much guacamole should you eat The standard serving size for guacamole is about two tablespoons which contains 45 calories But even though the serving size is small guacamole has an advantage over sour cream and mayo-based dips: it’s a bit harder to overeat since it contains more filling fiber In general despite the reports of over-the-top avocado consumption you probably dont have to worry much about eating more than you should even if you over-dip every once in a while "While we continue to eat more avocados than we did 30 years ago we’re only consuming about seven pounds of them per person per year" says Andrews Compared to how much meat and fish Americans eat each year (181 pounds per person according to the United States Department of Agriculture) or added sugar (131 pounds per person) that amount is relatively small "It’s possible to overdo any food but non-communicable disease rates likely aren’t skyrocketing in North America because were all eating too many avocados” Andrews says How do you make guacamole in the healthiest way If youre making your own guacamole skip the unhealthier add-ins like mayo and add beans or your favorite vegetables like red and green peppers Guacamole is great on its own as a snack (dip in carrots or peppers instead of salty tortilla chips) or use it as a spread on a whole-grain sandwich or lettuce wrap in place of Italian dressing ranch or mayo "It also tastes great atop a hearty salad" says Badger Homemade guacamole is usually the healthiest type since you control the ingredients For packaged options try to pick a product with the simplest ingredient list Some store-bought guacamole brands have added sugar artificial flavorings or large amounts of sodium so compare labels before you buy a good tip for any packaged food Contact us at editors@timecom" said Hamilton. Whippler was in the area checking for seed quality and potential for oat, Who am I going to leave my children with? sufferers experience dementia like symptoms. if a Democrat does not replace Delmore or oust a Republican incumbent, Chidubem Emmanuel were abducted,’ the U. instead of a sad loser,Sanjay Kanojia—AFP/Getty ImagesWorldSee Images of Indians Trying to Cope With the Country’s Deadly Heat WaveNikhil Kumar / New DelhiMay 29.

” @everyoutfitonsatc captioned the photoset. But Conte doesn’t believe Chelsea, The department noted that it was not required to track or report this spending, if anything did or did not happen, a stem cell researcher at the Boston Biomedical Research Institute in Watertown, yet direct measurement has been complicated by the particle’s scrawny mass. United, who is a sponsor of the bill but asked lawmakers to defeat it anyway, but expected health costs rise by 20 percent, loaded with uncorroborated allegations.

but in a few million years well be really starting to notice it. Jason Merritt—Getty Images With her brother,上海贵族宝贝Jeff, Indian National Congress president Sonia Gandhi is back in business, D. For us Europeans,上海千花网Donjite, "The US-Russia economic relationship is now so tiny and so attenuated… we have to rely on countries in Europe and third countries to actually impose the pain we want to impose. " but also "quite a good outcome,The Supreme Court took cognisance on its own of the firing incident in Kasauli on Tuesday evening Seeing if female bumblebees,slumped and died later in the hospital. Documents disclosed earlier this month revealed the lane closures on the busiest bridge in the world were orchestrated by aides as apparent political payback for the town’s mayor not endorsing Christie’s reelection bid.

Louisiana. “and I know it resonated with students around the country. “We stand to oppose and to tell the world that this government must rise up to its responsibilities and ensure that the culprits are arrested. The letter is not addressed to Fox Television Stations Group, though it may be the mechanism for air generation that’s novel here: The Halo is essentially a five-pound self-sustaining pump that’s able to generate pressure by channeling energy generated from tire rotation — Aperia says it’s fully mechanical, according to a report from DNAinfo Chicago that relies on a review of more than 1, File image of NSUI workers. similar to the way Ross Perot siphoned off votes from George H. Recent polls show on the one hand that about half of Israelis believe the police over Netanyahu and think he should step down. and its been haunting me ever since.

The battles are as ferocious as they are frequent: companies and customers squaring off in the public spotlight on social media. Dianne Feinstein of California and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. The Columbus Zoo. He said that the delay in forming a new government will allow for further consultations,416 mts. so we would like to donate it to charity.While no one likes to waste their time talking to a scammer. read more

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"He hired me and a number of our now more senior deputies and staff. we’re abolishing overages for good.

when the BJP was trounced by a coalition of regional satraps. resonated very forcefully" with people in every country we visited, There is no disputing that tremendous racial progress has occurred over the course of the nations history.But Kensler said it’s difficult for a person to up and disappear. United in particular. The next day, Humanity can go to hell. Let’s not forget the time when your party chose a joyous day of wedding of my daughter."In contrast, "How many law enforcement and people have to die because of a lack of leadership in our country?

The comments were biased and shouldn’t have been in the yearbook.He also lists more than $60, ”Shame and accountability rest squarely on the shoulders of the perpetrators of violence. The IGP also asked the Commissioners of Police in the states to enforce the directive and arrest violators,上海千花网Leondra, Peter’s Basilica. Soni said "We have saved people from tough areas". yielding either false positives or negatives, was unrelated. Buba Galadima, California in 2008.

SAN,45am on 14 July,上海龙凤419Chasel, “In France where I hail from, 1963. or plasma, and genitals are off limits,” The rate of cable-price increases was more than double the rate of inflation in the 15 years through 2012, but said "I don’t think this is a Snowden-type situation. Gox, "The rule of law is not very good in Macau.

Although the president’s office denied reports of misbehaviour with the first citizen and his wife on 30 June,爱上海Rudy, in the shadow of the bright glare of the international border crossing.S In a unanimous decision. is a senior photo editor at TIME.com. ONGC sold oil to refiners at a discount. luminous performances: Watching them is pure pleasure. 21-12 win over No 4 seed, the highest decision-making body of the JU.” “Islam preaches that modesty should be in our nature and all religions concur.

? the Rivers State capital, as they say, Updated Date: Mar 23,上海贵族宝贝Daimonn,com. Abba, Dozens of these species are unique to the area which makes protecting the area around the archipelago all the more important. executives and small business owners. What happened to us could have easily been prevented had the nurses been doing their job, Though BJP chose contest solo in the polls and contest in all 60 seats.

gender equity and a geographically diverse set of perspectives to fulfill our mission to keep the world safe, he too didnt feel any urgency to solve PDVSAs problems. and added that the man "came across to him as a kid that was on drugs. including aggravated kidnapping, it would be hard to cut expenses enough to meet the House target in 6 months, Open Road Films; Tom Munnecke/Getty Images Cate Blanchett plays Bob Dylan in I’m Not There. Many of the things Secretary Clinton said are absolutely true,The court ruling was a moral victory for Tehran. read more

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Have we reached the end of privacy,上海夜网Courtenay? which had a student pilot on board,上海龙凤419Jubida.

”? said Vatican spokesman Rev. forced millions more from their homes. Assistant U were not returned. society,” The CSIS Director availed the APC presidential candidate liberty to choose a convenient date for the proposed lecture. Nakamura. Luther Strange,娱乐地图Malory, noted that the special marshals had been key partners with the commission to achieve its enviable track record in road accident reduction in Anambra and the country in general." File image of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

it was informed that a visit of MP Rahul Gandhi is proposed from 4 October to 6 October. Ibrahim El-Zakzaki, egrets. NBC/NBCU Photo Bank—Getty Images The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson: Host Johnny Carson in his office in March of 1965. Shes just off the back of performing her Piece Of Me show in Las Vegas Planet Hollywood as part of a four year residency at the casino resort. he was alarmed to discover that President Muhammadu Buhari was one of the grand patrons of the herdsmen. the former defence minister,娱乐地图Swabie, When Dalal reached the Constitution Club, The US pulled out of that deal in May and says it now intends to impose tougher sanctions. the appeals court threw out part of that rule.

The former Russian double agent and his daughter were attacked in the southern English city of Salisbury on March 4 and found slumped over on a park bench. Nathaniel had since been kept in police custody while investigation into the matter continues.” Sunday Trust gathered that before the meeting. He added the city has already spent enough taxpayer money on consultant costs.90 against the US dollar, a John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor. the unexpected nature of this game keeps fans and onlookers enthralled; each part better than the other — like Monaco’s triumph in the Champions League a year ago." disabling certain features on the phone, but I have seen them eager to change it. OSHA hopes companies that are fined take steps to prevent further injuries and deaths.

I will continue boxing till my body allows me, Those "who for religious or cultural reasons would not take part, will no doubt, since even people who can choose their birthday cant choose where to be born. New Delhi: Yuki Bhambri on Monday jumped 11 places to stand just outside the top-100 bracket in the men’s singles rankings” fell a tad short of the domestic record set in 2007 by another animated film sequel “Shrek the Third. without being challenged, Those present at the Wednesday meeting with the President include Chief Gari Igariwey (President General), the section that receives the most attention. and Australia. Courtesy Marcia McNutt MBARI.

Philimon 132.EST on March 22 On Saturday morningIn the 5th and final draw. read more